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Mad Barn Optimum Digestive Health – Pellets


Mad Barn Optimum Digestive Health – Pellets


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  • The ultimate equine digestive supplement. Optimize hindgut health, increase nutrient absorption and enhance immunity with natural probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes and nucleotides. In uber palatable pellets.


  • Pour une santé digestive suprême! Équilibre la flore bactérienne et aide à prévenir les problèmes digestifs. Parce que la santé et le bien-être du cheval commence dans son tube digestif!
  • Une combinaison unique de probiotiques, prébiotiques, levure, enzymes et modulateurs immunitaires
  • Offert sous forme de cube


Even the best nutrition programs will fail without maintaining gut health.

That’s why we developed Optimum Digestive Health Pellets – to restore balance to the gastrointestinal tract, improve feed efficiency, support energy metabolism and boost nutrient assimilation.

Mad Barn’s Optimum Digestive Health gives you total GI tract coverage that works in five key ways:

  • Stabilizing the gut flora, reducing the risk of dysfunction and colic
  • Providing intestinal enzymes that improve the digestibility of feed
  • Stimulating hindgut development to support the fermentation of fiber
  • Contains toxin binders that remove harmful substances before they can be absorbed
  • Source of natural immune modulators

Tired of powdered supplements that get left behind? Mad Barn’s Optimum Digestive Health is an uber palatable, pelleted equine digestive supplement that contains a unique combination of probiotics, prebiotics, yeast, enzymes and a proprietary blend of nucleotides.

This is the most comprehensive solution on the market to address optimal hindgut health. Best of all, these ingredients are 100% natural and come from renewable resources.


Does your horse exhibit any of these signs of poor digestive function?

  • Loose manure/diarrhea
  • Poor topline
  • Lack of muscle
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Constipation
  • Poor quality coat

If so, your horse may benefit from Optimum Digestive Health. Our all-in-one dietary supplement provides everything you need to get your horse’s digestive system back on tract. There is no shortage of pre- and probiotics on the market for your horse. But there hasn’t ever been a formulation like this.

Optimum Digestive Health is the ultimate solution for hindgut support, immune function and nutrient utilization. Give your horse total GI tract coverage with a powerful complex of probiotics, prebiotics, yeast, enzymes and more.


Optimizes the Microbiome

The digestive tract of a healthy horse is inhabited by trillions of beneficial bacteria. These microorganisms assist with a number of vital functions in the horse’s body, such as nutrient assimilation, hindgut fermentation and vitamin synthesis, just to name a few.

Optimum Digestive Health replenishes the equine microflora with the addition of probiotics and provides nourishment with select prebiotic substrates. When combined, these substances optimize gut microbiome and reduce the risk of digestive dysfunction and colic.

Optimum Digestive Health is more than just food – it’s a natural growth promoter that works with your horse. A proprietary blend of nucleotides stimulates maximal growth of the beneficial bacteria already inhabiting your horse’s digestive system.

Enhances Digestibility

By optimizing the microbial environment, your horse can better digest feeds and liberate more nutrients that go toward muscle growth, athletic performance and immunity. The addition of digestive enzymes in the equine diet can also assist in the absorption of nutrients in the correct location, reducing excess starch or protein from reaching the hindgut.

The wide range of digestive enzymes in Optimum Digestive Health:

  • Boost feed efficiency by accelerating the breakdown of nutrients in forage and concentrates.
  • Prevent digestive upset by limiting the passage of starch and protein into the hindgut.

Combats Toxins

The presence of molds and fungus are a reality for all feeds. These organisms can produce compounds that are very toxic to the horse and its digestive health. Impeding these toxins and removing them before they can be absorbed or negatively impact the microflora or the horse is imperative for optimal health.

Optimum Digestive Health contains a natural prebiotic substance that binds onto harmful toxins and harmlessly clears them out of the digestive system.



Optimum Digestive Health has been scientifically studied and shown to improve gut health, immune function and feed digestibility. Very few digestive support supplements have been studied in horses. Go with a product that has research to back up its results.

Hindgut Health

ODH Hindgut Probiotic Bacteria

Effects on Hindgut Bacteria Population:

In one research trial, feeding ODH was demonstrated to significantly increase the population of beneficial lactic acid utilizing bacteria in the hindgut, while reducing harmful bacterial from the Streptococci Sp genus.

By bringing the hindgut microbiome into a more favourable balance, ODH can support digestion and immune function.

Feed Efficiency

Effects on Fibrolytic Activity:

Study results also showed that the horses fed ODH experienced a higher rate of fibrolytic activity compared to a control. Fibrolytic activity refers to the bacteria and enzymes that break down fibers found in foods to obtain energy.

By increasing the digestibility of fibre in the diet, ODH can support nutrient uptake, energy metabolism, weight gain and animal comfort.

ODH Fibrolytic Activity

Immune Function

ODH Immunity

Effects on Immunoglobulin Levels:

ODH has also been shown to boost immunity as assessed by the concentration of immunoglobulins (IgA, IgG, IgM) present. Immunoglobulins are the proteins that contain antibodies that fight disease-causing agents such as viruses and bacteria.

Compared to a control, ODH significantly increased the levels of these immunoglobulins found in colostrum of breeding mares, helping to kick-start the immune system in the young foal.

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