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Renegades are made in the USA.

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Sold in pairs

Sizing: The size designations are the actual boot dimensions. As such, it is recommended to select a boot size that is about 5mm longer and 5mm wider than the given hoof after a proper Natural Style Trim. For your convenience, an Inch <==> Millimeter Converter can be found just below the Renegade® sizing chart on the Renegade® Sizing page.

Need Padding: Add a bonded gel insole for extra comfort and protection

The Renegade® – Viper® Hoof Boot is the next generation horse boot paying homage to its predecessor, the Renegade® – Classic Hoof Boot. While incorporating the same competition proven pivoting heel captivator design, cabling system, and straps as the Renegade® – Classic Hoof Boot, the Renegade® – Viper® Hoof Boot features many new upgrades. First, with a sleek new look and available in two bright new colors, Comet Orange and Emerald Green, the Renegade® – Viper® is sure to turn heads. The tread really displays the artistic talent of the Viper’s® designer, Kirt Lander, while showing off its aggressive side where it counts. With deeper grooves for longer lasting tread, and an unforgiving look, the Viper® tread will bite the ground better than any other hoof boot that came before. The Viper® has been trimmed down, removing material using finite element analysis, resulting in a hoof boot that is, despite the more robust tread, about 15% lighter than the Classic, and with more lateral clearance on both the Boot Shell and the Heel Captivator. A deeper Heel Captivator “gullet” allows for improved pastern bone clearance. The material used to make the Viper® is a new, ultra durable polyurethane resulting in a much longer lasting boot. The inside of the boot is texturized and the Heel Captivator Liner is bonded in place, both for more stability en route. The Viper® logo and boot size are stamped very large inside of each boot for quick and easy size readability. The sizing scheme for the Viper® uses the metric system while also conforming to the industry standard length first then width format. For simplicity, there will be no extra size designation other than the given size’s dimensions, e.g., a boot that is 130 mm long and 125 mm wide will have size designation 130×125. There will be three widths for every length to start and more as those are completed. Thank you for your support! Happy and safe riding!


120×110, 125×115, 125×120, 125×125, 130×120, 135×125, 135×130, 135×135, 140×130, 140×135, 140×140, 145×145, 150×150


Dragon Fire Red, Cosmic Orange, Arizona Copper, Emerald Green, Black Knight

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**Level 1 Online Hoof Health Course** for Horse Owners & Aspiring Pros ---> **Learn More**
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Check out our new :racehorse: :shirt: Apparel Collection! :shirt: :racehorse: **Shop Apparel**
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