Kaileen was a horse-crazy child and attended summer camps, took lessons and competed for a few years as a pre-teen. The competitive side of the sport wasn’t appealing to her as she found a lack of true connection. While in college Kaileen started volunteering regularly at a local rescue and found her true passion laid in helping horses.

 She learned natural horsemanship methods and was able to help re-train and help re-home hundreds of horses during those years. Her horse-training methods have since evolved to using Positive Reinforcement methods which she finds even more effective and humane.

A local barefoot trimmer was teaching courses and would bring her students to trim the rescue horses and Kaileen was immediately drawn to learn.

Kaileen started trimming professionally in 2006 and was initially certified through the Barefoot Hoofcare Guild Inc. She has since gone on to take courses from internationally recognized hoof rehab specialists Pete Ramey and Daisy Bicking, Nutrition and Radiograph Courses through Dr. Ellanor Kellon DVM, has attended the Equine Cushings and Insulin Resistance Conference. She is working toward becoming a mentor with the Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners Association (PHCP) and has taken classes specific to Laminitis/Founder, IR/PPID(Cushings), Navicular Syndrome, Booting, Casting, and Glue -on Shoes. She is also a recognized practitioner and member of the Canadian Equine Hoof Care Association.

Kaileen currently has 3 apprentices and she teaches clinics across Ontario/Quebec and is open to traveling across Canada. She is a full-time farrier and provides hoof care for over 270 horses as well as doing long-distance consultations and boot-fitting road-trips.

With the help of Cindy Reazin, Kaileen founded Hoof Help Canada in February of 2019. She is inspired to help as many horses across Canada as possible by making education and holistic resources more widely available.

Kaileen and her sister Elodie have a lovely herd of 6 rescue horses and two mini donkeys as well as two dogs, 4 cats and a turtle.


Cindy’s love for horses was lifelong, however her involvement with horses came later in life. Life altering events resulted in pursuing a childhood dream at the age of 41. In 2005 an OTTB fell into her lap, with no prior horse experience, the journey began.

Backed by a team of loyal friends and equine professionals, an education began, that continues to this day. It became apparent early on, that riding would take a back seat to tending to health and well being with a fascination for hoof health.

In 2015 Cindy would team up with Kaileen to rehab the hooves of a 10 year old TB and the concept of HHC was born a few years later.


Since a young person, Amanda has been in love with animals – especially horses.

Growing up she spent her summers in the equine world grooming horses, trail riding and studying equine behavior, anatomy and health. Later in life she volunteered anywhere she could; including a horse rescue – just so she could spend time laying in the grass with horses and enjoying their company!

She now lives in a beautiful homestead with her partner, 30 chickens, 3 rescue horses and two dogs.

Her professional career has been in Sales, Marketing and Management for the past 15 years. She is our Director of Operations, and professional horse snuggler at Hoof Help Canada. She is responsible for the day to day operations, co-ordinating our team and developing our offerings. If you’ve contacted the office before, you have likely communicated with her.

Her optimistic attitude, her passion and drive to make the world a better place for both humans and horses: makes her an integral part of our team.


Elodie’s formative years were spent reading horsey books and spending as much time as humanely possible with other peoples’ horses.  She volunteered at a horse rescue during her teenage years, where she fell in love with and adopted her first horse, Amelie, a cheval Canadien, at the age of 19. Nowadays she shares a herd of seven equines with her sister Kaileen. She likes to spend non-demanding time with their horses and mini donkey, deepening her relationships with them through positive reinforcement training. Her goal is to let her equines live as natural a life as she is able to. Elodie works as an assistant to her farrier sister, and has several years worth of in-field hoof knowledge and experience. She is currently furthering her education with the aim of trimming her own horses.


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