Hoof Health Clinic – Dutton, ON – Oct. 16-18 2021


For Owners and Professionals wishing to hone their ability to recognize, understand, and address hoof issues of the equines in their care.


Day 1 & 2 Clinic Topics Include:

Understanding How Diet Affects Hoof Health

Creating a Hoof Friendly Environment for your Horse

Learning Hoof and Distal Limb Anatomy

Understanding Hoof Pathologies and Distortions

Addressing the Effects of Endocrinological Disease on Hoof Health, and the Importance of Veterinary Diagnosis/Treatment

Hoof Mapping for Balance, Alignment, and Accurate Trimming/Shoeing

Taking Precise and Informative Photographs and Radiographs 

Utilizing Radiographs for Hoof Care Decision Making and Tracking of Hoof Health

Exploring Hoof Protection (Boots, Shoes, Topical Applications)

Assessing Gait & Posture for Soundness

Analyzing, Mapping, and Trimming Cadaver Hooves

Live Horse Assessment & Trimming Demonstration

Day 3 (Optional)

Hands-on Live Horse Gait and Posture Assessments

Hands-on Live Horse Hoof Mapping & Trimming

Attendees Can Bring Their Own Horse or Work On A Quiet Horse From the Host Farm

About the Clinician:

Kaileen St.Antoine has been a professional Hoof Care Provider for 15 years. She originally learned from Kate Romenenko and from there continued her education by studying the work of Pete Ramey, Dr. Robert Bowker, Dr. Debra Taylor, Jaime Jackson, Daisy Bicking, Paige Poss, Nic Barker, Yogi Sharp, David Landreville, and is a member of the Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners Organization (PHCP) and the Canadian Equine Hoof Care Association (CEHCA), she has also attended conferences and courses specific to Insulin Resistance & PPID (Cushings), Hoof Pathologies, Diet, and Reading Radiographs by Dr. Eleanor Kellon and the Equine Cushings and Insulin Resistance Group (ECIR Group). Kaileen is the co-founder of Hoof Help Canada and has spent the last 3 years since its inception traveling throughout Ontario and Quebec educating horse owners and networking with other professionals in the service of advancing hoof care practices and promoting modern hoof protection options. Kaileen has apprentices throughout Ontario and is passionate about sharing knowledge. With the help of her local apprentices, Kaileen provides regular hoof care for over 300 equines. Kaileen and her sister give sanctuary to 10 rescue equines and with her team at Hoof Help Canada plans to open a rehabilitation/education centre. The team is working on providing online educational courses to reach horse owners and practitioners in all parts of Canada, and currently offers hoof health consultations as well as hoof boot fittings across Canada and keeps an online shop stocked with the highest quality hoof care essentials. See some of Kaileen’s work here: https://hoofhelpcanada.ca/casestudies/

Clinic Logistics: Covid-19 safety protocols will be in place for this event. We will be in a covered but open arena with lots of space for social distancing.

Registration: Space will be limited for this event, please confirm your spot by booking via our web shop by selecting and paying for the days which you would like to attend.

Schedule: 9:30 – 4:30 each day. Please come for 9am to check in on Saturday.

Location: Harmony with Horses, 31361 Shackleton Line, Iona Station, ON

Horses: The first two days are theory and hands-on with cadaver hooves.

In the PM of day 2, Kaileen will demonstrate hoof mapping and trimming on one or two live horses. Please email to apply to have your horse participate in the demonstration.

Folks attending day 3 are welcome to bring their own horses to learn to trim on. There are 5 stalls available for rent. Horses must have proof of 5-way Vaccine plus Strangles Vaccine. Please bring your own hay and feed/water buckets. Please email to register your horse. Stall Fees are $10 per day, $15 for 24hrs. Fees are to be paid in cash to the clinic host on Saturday morning during registration.

Food: Please bring your own lunch. We will be providing tea, coffee, water & muffins for snacks.

Accomodation: You’re welcome to camp on-site in a tent or trailer. Trailer/camper parking is limited so please register for a space asap by emailing us. There is an outhouse on-site. No showers available.  Camping fees are $20 per tent, $30 per camper/horse trailer with LQ. Fees are to be paid in cash to the clinic host on Saturday morning during clinic registration.

Any questions? We’d be happy to help! Please email us!



Attendance Options

Day 1&2 Only – Oct 16&17 2021, Full Clinic 3 Days Oct 16,17,18 2021

**Level 1 Online Hoof Health Course** for Horse Owners & Aspiring Pros ---> **Learn More**
**Level 1 Online Hoof Health Course** for Horse Owners & Aspiring Pros ---> **Learn More**
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Check out our new :racehorse: :shirt: Apparel Collection! :shirt: :racehorse: **Shop Apparel**
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