hoof boots

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Utilizing the latest in shock-absorbing, flexible & durable materials, hoof boots can provide the protection, traction, and support your horse needs without compromising her health and well-being. We offer a wide range of hoof boots including; Scoot Boots, Easy Care and Cavallo.

Scoot Boots

The Unique Features & Benefits of Scoot Boots:

  • Easy on and off
  • Will not get soggy, heavy or wet when riding through muddy and wet terrain
  • Superb strength over all types of terrain
  • Superior traction
  • No cables or Velcro
  • Lightweight - only 250g
  • Great ventilation and breathability for hot climate riding
  • Excellent drainage
  • Easy to clean
  • Will fit hooves securely throughout a trimming cycle

Request a Complimentary Consultation:

Need help deciding which boot you need, or the right size? Our team of professionals will help you choose the best option for you and your horse!

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